Welcome to CoinsFlux

The most secure, trusted and the fastest non-Ponzi cryptocurrency growth platform available to you at your own convenience and fingertips.

What do we offer? We offer freedom, convenience and the ease of making more from trading cryptocurrencies for potential investors. We offer a high frequency trading algorithm with the capacity to double the worth of several digital currencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, bitcoin cash etc. in seven days. Some call it unbelievable or magic, we call it Strategy, Convenience, and overall, we call it Coinsflux.


Quite a lot of cryptocurrencies have gained immense popularity among both users and traders since its emergence in 2012. The two most popular and heavily traded cryptocurrencies ever since the emergence of cryptocurrencies are Bitcoin and Ethereum and due to this, their values have been on an incredible uptrend. While the uptrend presents investment opportunities for investors with a longer-term horizon plan, the high volatility offers traders attractive entry points and the potential for recording unbelievable gains for short-term plans.


Coinsflux as an investment company looks out for potential investors by ticking the following important criteria

Fast Transaction

We are a non-custodial platform. This means that your crypto is going to be delivered directly, securely and instantly into your personal wallet address after 7 days.

Secure and Stable

We maintain the highest standards for privacy and regulatory oversight. Every investment and information are secure and that is our highest priority.

Multi-asset investing

Multiple investments can be linked to one account at any point in time. These investments can be in the same or varying cryptocurrencies.

An intuitive interface

The interface has been carefully programmed to be as interactive as possible and easy to understand by all investors.

24/7 Investment

We are constantly pushing the limits and making sure that we reach a lot more people globally and make sure that everyone has access to our services and profit from the opportunity anytime, anywhere.

Free Consulting

We are always available to answer any questions you have and provide all the necessary resources and guidance you need to make your experience of investing crypto seamless. We are here for you round the clock.